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The New Project Landscape

Our world was changing rapidly even before the COVID-19 Crisis. That change has now been accelerated and super-charged. The global business landscape has now been permanently altered. There is a dire need for leadership which presents project managers with a challenge to transform their approach and pursue a more enlightened path; to elevate their profession and unlock the potential which resides in their teams and organizations. This (new) enlightened approach is informed by the following:

· A level of global connectivity which increasingly requires us to manage in a virtual, remote manner.

· A respect for, and an understanding of empathy and compassion as a vast, untapped reservoir of strength and human resource potential.

· A recognition that we are all connected, and that project success is more than just balancing technical requirements such as cost, schedule and quality. True project success is about achieving excellence at an organizational level that enables personal growth and enduring professional and business relationships.

· A focus on finding sustainable solutions to technical problems. Recognizing that true project excellence must be accompanied by a sensitivity to our environment.

· An understanding that we must embrace WIN-WIN solutions to resolve business conflicts. Conflict and change are inevitable on projects. Beating each other with a club only serves to ensure that will both parties suffer injury.

· Viewing project leadership from a lens of sacrifice, service and team growth.

I submit that now is the time to use our lessons learned to improve the way we deliver projects, treat people with empathy, and provide more sustainable solutions for our people, our organizations and our planet. This is the road ahead.

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