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The Importance of Effective Communication

The ability to communicate well differentiates project managers from their colleagues, and is a strong indicator of upward career mobility.    Because most project managers generally start their careers in a technical area of expertise, their early career focus is usually not on communication.  After they master a core technical competency and take on project responsibilities, they discover that most of their time is devoted to communication.

The ability to speak in public including delivery of presentations is another key communication skill.  Again, this skill comes with repetition.  I recommend that aspiring managers seek out opportunities to speak in public and get feedback on their progress.  Having a strong mentor is particularly helpful in this area.  Executives should be mindful of the need to include communication training when nurturing project management talent.

Most importantly, project managers must be mindful that effective communication starts with deep and sincere listening.  Project managers MUST make an effort to be great listeners.  This requires awareness, empathy and focus. #communication #projectmanagement #projectleadership #listening

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