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The Eye of the Tiger

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Stay Positive, Be Engaged and Remain Confident

We are living in unprecedented times.  There is a malaise and loss of control that can affect working people when they are faced with a prolonged period of unemployment or underemployment.  When we are idle, there is a fear that skills can atrophy as we go through a long absence from work.  So many professionals, including architects, planners, engineers, project managers, administrators and executives who have forged careers through hard work and dedication now face an incredibly challenging time.  Lack of work can undermine our confidence because we stop suddenly stop doing the thing we do.  Our sense of purpose may come into self-inquiry, and we may begin to doubt our ability to recapture the intensity and clarity of the work we were once proud to deliver.  It critical that we not fall into this malaise of self-doubt.  We must maintain our composure and fall back upon the things which have driven our personal and professional success: grit, resilience and a devotion to doing the right things.

Do NOT succumb to fear.  There are some things I suggest which will help keep you grounded and confident.  

  1. Stay connected with colleagues and industry associates.

  2. Stay socially connected with friends and family.

  3. Join online forums to stay connected with industry associations.

  4. Keep skills sharp by finding ways to improve on previously completed work.  For example, if you are a scheduler, look at a previous schedule, and change a few variables to see how the schedule varies.  If you are a cost estimator, look at ways to improve the spreadsheets you have already completed,  The web is full of resources. 

  5. Consider self-improvement YouTube videos.

  6. Join Linkedin professional groups and contribute your thoughts about your industry or profession.

  7. Continue learning via resources that are very inexpensive, if not free - and - See also MIT OpenCourseware

  8. Evaluate possible shifts in the market that will manifest as a result of the COVID19 crisis.

  9. Keep a journal - I recommend Microsoft OneNote.  A great platform to document ideas, lessons learned and record your work.

  10. Download Kindle and start reading on topics of interest.  These could include books related to your industry or profession.

  11. Watch the Rocky "Eye of the Tiger" video. It will inspire you!

Let us not engage in self-pity and definitely not feel that we are victims.  Use this time to get better and move forward.  As long as we keep improving, we will be assured that our time will not have been wasted.  Our team at PLG wishes you safe passage through this crisis.  It is our hope that you emerge stronger and better, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead with renewed purpose and confidence.

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