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Project Strategy Basics

Here are some basic pointers on project strategy.

1. How important is the project to your organization? The answer will influence how you interact with the customer. It may also affect the kind of resources you dedicate to the project.

2. Have you looked at your supply chain (subcontractors, vendors, manufacturers, consultants) strategically? How important is the project to them? Is their understanding aligned with your yours?

3. How strong is your team? Have you been part of the selection process? If not, why not?

4. Is reputational cost important to your company?

5. Do you understand the scope of work?

6. Will you use the CPM schedule to track progress

and manage the project?

7. Have you implemented processes to reduce or eliminate rework?

8. Are there clear customer acceptance criteria for the system(s) you will install/integrate?

9. What steps will you take to facilitate lock-in with the client?

10. Have you considered the risks associated with external technical interfaces and legacy systems?

11. Has the client hired a consultant to oversee the project? Will your team interface with this consultant? How is this consultant being paid? Fixed price or per diem? #projectmanagement #strategy

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