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Project Post-Mortem

Following the completion of a project, it is prudent for the organization to conduct a post-implementation review (or Project Post-Mortem) to objectively and critically evaluate the project. Executive management needs to know what worked, what didn’t and identify key lessons learned that could be used to improve the performance of all its projects. This should not be a witch hunt, but rather a thoughtful constructive review. Here are key questions which need to be answered:

· Were original objectives met?

· Was the target ROI achieved? If not why?

· Did the project manager and team manage stakeholder expectations?

· How effectively was risk managed on the project?

· What about storing project documents? Where, how? Who looks after it?

· Are the warranty and maintenance mechanisms in place to meet the post-contract requirements?

· Were all the stakeholders and participants involved in the project?

· What were the variances to plan and why?

· Was scope creep managed effectively?

· Did the team manage changes in a way which was aligned with company objectives?

· Were company resources efficiently deployed?

· What could have been done differently?

· Were supply chain relationships strengthened?

· Is the customer satisfied? How is this measured?

One final factor which must be addressed is team development. Was the project manager successful in nurturing the career development of team members?

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