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Project Leader as Jedi, Pirate and Samurai Warrior

The modern project leader exhibits flexibility in thought as well as a desire to continually improve herself and her team. Today more than ever before, the project leader is part Jedi, part Pirate and part Samurai Warrior.

The Jedi nature of the project leader is founded on devotion to duty, service, honor, and loyalty. These qualities are manifested by a sacrifice of one’s own interests for the success of the team and the organization. The Jedi places a premium on rigor, self-improvement and knowledge. Although the Jedi aspect of project leadership is important, it is not sufficient. The second aspect is that of Pirate; the ability to question assumptions, take risks and challenge the status quo. Pirates know how to be strategic and are masters at navigating the project team through stormy waters. Finally, and most importantly, the project leader is also part Samurai Warrior; devoted to discipline, courage, sincerity, and honesty. These noble qualities empower the Samurai to remove obstacles for the project team, with an emphasis on communication and compassion.

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