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Project Change Management – Controlling Scope Creep

Coping with scope changes and changing priorities is perhaps the most important single problem facing the project manager. The most common changes are due to the natural tendency of the client and project team members to try and improve the product or service. The later these changes are made in the project, the more difficult and costly they are to complete. Without control, a continuing accumulation of little changes will have a major negative impact on the project’s schedule and cost. The project manager’s best hope is to control the process by which change is introduced and accomplished. This can be done with a formal change control system that is able to:

· Review all requested changes and identify all task impacts.

· Translate those impacts into project performance, cost, and schedule.

· Evaluate the benefits and costs of the requested changes.

· Accept or reject the changes and communicate to all concerned parties.

· Ensure that changes are implemented properly.

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