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Innovative Decision-Making for Project Managers

Almost all projects have tough schedules with myriad constraints and complex interfaces.  We know that project managers have to work hard to keep projects on track.  We can leverage hard work with tools and practices which can enable us to be more innovative and make better decisions.  Central to these practices is a culture of information sharing, transparency and trust.  Effective decision-making is a function of the following key actions and processes:

  • An environment in which dissent is welcomed and respected.

  • The elimination of group-think.

  • A culture of rapid information sharing.

  • Dynamic reporting tools that identify risks and opportunities in real time.

  • Tolerance for controlled "excellent" failures; these lead to an ability learn fast and move forward.

  • Respect for individuals.

  • Continuous and meaningful feedback on performance.

  • Encouraging experimentation in problem-solving. #teamwork #innovation #decisionmaking #projectmanageme

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