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Innovation Basics for Project Managers

Innovation is not a buzz word. It is about implementing change, reinventing ourselves and finding value. It is about continuous improvement and "moving the cheese" before the market forces our hand. As project managers, we have the good fortune to work in a very creative profession. We have the privilege of working with professionals to achieve great results for our clients, stakeholders, teams and organizations. There are several practices we can implement which can enhance our ability to innovate at the project level. One is to recognize the importance of diversity in its various forms; from cultural diversity to the value of interdisciplinary skills and systems thinking. The second is to consider differing points of view and not be "locked" into our own way of thinking. Cognitive flexibility is important as we strive to become more innovative. The third is to embrace controlled failure as a stepping stone to long-term success. Tom Peters, the renowned management icon and author of "In Search of Excellence", said that we must learn to "fail forward". #innovation #projectleadership #systemsthinking #projectmanagement

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