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Information as a Key Driver of Project Success

In our digital age, information has become a strategic resource and a key driver for project success. Project managers are purveyors of information and they realize that leveraging information properly is fundamental to the success of their projects and organizations. Along with communication, effective project leaders are required to distill vast amounts of information and make informed decisions based on their experience and application of best practices. Therefore, we can surmise that project managers need to leverage their intelligence, curiosity and analytical skills to continuously search for meaningful information that is relevant to their projects. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts.


· Establish solid informal networks with suppliers and subcontractors to share information.

· Utilize external professional contacts to understand industry trends.

· Question the veracity of information, I.e., check the source.

· Distinguish facts from opinions.

· Beware of team members who always agree with you.

· Encourage dissent.

· Ask lots of questions.

· Listen "aggressively".


· Assume you have all of the answers.

· Talk until you listen.

· Reject ideas from people just because you disagree with them; analyze, assess and discuss.

· Reject information just because it came from someone who is NOT a technical expert.

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