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Independence and Objectivity in Project Organizations

One of the key indicators of the project management maturity of an organization is the level of independence and objectivity that its project and program managers display in reporting and assessments. Executives in well run firms recognize that lack of independence and objectivity within the Project Management Office (PMO) is certain to erode trust and will likely create a corrosive environment that will discourage transparency and flow of relevant information.

Words are not sufficient in ensuring independence and objectivity. We have all seen situations in which executive management provides lip service to issues such as accurate reporting, forecasting and risk assessment; these are signs of a troubled organization. We have learned that unless a culture of transparency and objectivity is established, project managers will be discouraged from reporting in a rigorous and factual manner. This kind of culture will ultimately lead to actions and behavior that is contrary to the interests of stakeholders. Excellence in project management starts at the CXO level. Corporate leaders must set the tone for objectivity if they are to credibly demand excellence and maturity from their project management teams.

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