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East Meets West - Lessons Learned From Buddhism and Taoism

We need to heed the lessons learned from Buddhism and Taoism. These include patience, compassion and understanding.

There is a dichotomy inherent in the project management role.  She must be able to marshal resources to achieve clear objectives, and do so in a way that enhances value, strengthens teams and bolsters relationships.   But she also needs to balance the pursuit of project objectives with managing people, stakeholders and resources in a sustainable way.

The traditional view of project manager as task master or expert multi-tasker is narrow and painfully limiting. We need to change our mindset with respect to the profession of project management.  Our present views are a hodge-podge of hit-an-miss management fads and "how-to" guidance that is fragmented and it is sometimes on the mark, and at other times, it leaves us with an uneasy sense that we have not yet realized the true transformation of the project management role from technocrat to project leader.  This uneasiness leaves us wanting and exposes our narrow view of project management and stifles our ability to drive innovation and enable project teams to realize their full potential. #leadership #innovation #agile #projectmanagement

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