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Common Pitfalls in Project Scheduling

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Here are some common pitfalls in project scheduling:

1. Lack of knowledge stemming from poor preparation.

2. Lack of clear responsibility in the scheduling function. 

3. Use of poor or vague scheduling guidelines.  

4. Trying to "FIT" the schedule to the project and not respecting the critical path as it is.

5. Relying on unverified subcontractor input.  

6. Failure to keep the schedule up to date.

7. Improper documentation in the form of a Schedule Narrative.

8. Failure to hold honest schedule review meetings.

9. Misunderstanding of project FLOAT.

10. Abuse of project FLOAT.

11. Misunderstanding Concurrent and offsetting delays.

Bottom Line: Use objective metrics, verify assumptions, communicate with the project team, and rely on a combination of experience and project-specific facts, constraints, and contractual requirements.  There are NO shortcuts to rigorous scheduling.

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