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Clarity in Project Management Communication

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Effective communication for project managers comes down to the ability to convey ideas, expressions and viewpoints in a clear and concise manner.  Historically, the best communicators are usually those who understand that clarity of thought is important.  They also know that it is not the size, quantity or complexity of words that matters.  What matters is the impact the words make, and the fact the message is received and understood.

Some quick tips.  Avoid fancy words that are not suitable.  Ensure that your ideas come across clearly with an economy of words and sense of purpose.  A short clear message is more likely to be understood than a long-winded essay.  If you are explaining a technical concept to a non-technical person, you want to explain the essence without unnecessary jargon. Economize your words and optimize your message. #clarity #leadership #projectmanagement #communication


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