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Characteristics of a Good Project Control System

The Control Environment for any project is a function of many factors, including:

  • Regulatory Environment

  • Industry

  • Corporate Governance

  • Leadership/Senior Management

  • Corporate Culture

  • Technical Constraints

  • Technology

  • Resource Availability (and Capability)

  • Organizational Maturity

A good project control system:

  • Should be flexible.

  • Should be cost effective.

  • Must be truly useful and satisfy the real needs of the project.

  • Must operate in a timely manner.

  • Is practical - should be sufficiently accurate and precise to control the project within the limits that are functional for the client and the organization.

  • Should be as simple as possible.

  • Should be easy to maintain.

  • Should be capable of being extended or otherwise altered.

  • Should be fully documented when installed; documentation should include a complete training program in system operation.

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