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Challenge the Status Quo!

Effective project and business leaders challenge existing processes and question the status quo. They recognize the need to rethink assumptions and evaluate issues objectively. Preconceived notions and biases favoring existing thinking limit our critical thinking, and diminish our ability to make informed decisions.

Break out of the need to be right! Evaluate options and respect the team!

1. Let go of the need to conform to stagnant viewpoints promoted by those who cling blindly to inertia of the status quo.

2. Evaluate issues critically and objectively.  Support opinions with facts and then check those facts.

3. Explore options; especially those forwarded by those team members who are lower in the food chain.  Odds are, they have a much better handle on technical solutions than their managers do.

4. Challenge existing paradigms.  Question assumptions. #projectleadership #leadership #management

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