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Capital Program Governance

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Capital Program Governance provides the organization with the people, processes and tools needed to deliver the program successfully.

Portfolio Governance – a set of disparate and distinct programs and projects which are all inter-connected to the achievement of specific business objectives, but which can be delivered independently.

  • Capture and communicate expectations for governance and delivery.

  • Establish critical success factors and key performance indicators.

  • Manage key program and project participants.

  • Governance roles and responsibilities are clearly defined to drive accountability.

  • Strategic decisions based on consistent and accurate information.

  • Use a structured risk management framework.

  • Identify, control and report portfolio, program and project activities.

Program Governance – incorporating and coordinating different projects and activities to ensure the successful delivery of business “outcomes” (e.g. productivity/capacity improvements)

  • Implement robust project controls and reporting protocols.

  • Effective monitoring and oversight of project performance.

  • Clearly defined and well-structured reporting requirements.

  • Focus on critical planning and scope definition activities.

  • Proactive coordination between program office, business units, and project teams.

Project Governance – the delivery of tangible “outputs” such as new buildings and facilities, which form part of the broader program and portfolio governance requirements.

  • Adherence to robust project controls and reporting protocols.

  • Formal project execution plan.

  • Choice of contracting strategy to appropriately transfer risk.

  • Contractual relationships based on partnership & teamwork.

  • Experienced project staff.

  • Management of concurrent briefing, design and construction activities.

  • Project data captured and communicated effectively.

  • Performance incentives/penalties

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